Life is full of harvests! From vegetables and fruits that feed our bodies, to compost and rain water that feed our gardens, harvests can come in many forms. At Full Harvest, we offer services and products that are designed to help you enjoy more bountiful harvests in all aspects of life. Whether you’re looking to grow nutrient dense food, reduce your waste or simply live a more balanced and healthy life, we have solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Mission: To help people and planet live in harmony and abundance. Through simple designs that mimic natural systems, we strive to regenerate natural environments, increase bio-diversity and increase overall health of all living organisms within a given system.

Vision: We envision a world where natural systems are integrated into our daily lives. From localised systems that grow nutrient dense food, to waste stream management that helps to efficiently process green waste and return it back to the earth. We aim to provide designs, products, plants, seeds, consulting and more that help in the transition to natural and sustainable living!